Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ah........ Chelsea!!!

I arrived in the UK just over a week ago now. I had the most painful flight with no working tv for both legs of my 24 hour journey but managed in the end. After arriving at Heathrow, I remembered again how conning your way into having more than 20 kilos of luggage on your flight can backfire after I had to cart it all across London to Kings Cross Station in order to catch my 3 hour train up to Leeds... hundreds of dollars of chiro undone very quickly!! :( In all, I was in transit for a day and a half and needless to say I now HATE all the music on my iPod. The last ten minutes as we pulled into Leeds felt like the longest by far but was so great to finally get off the train and see Chris :)

I absolutely love being back in the UK and have wasted no time re-acquainting myself with Greggs, Boots, M&S and, of course, Asda. I was here in time to watch the FA Cup final at a reasonable hour on the weekend where my beloved Chelsea beat Man U in extra time :) Definitely went some length to making up for losing the Champions League semi final. The final is actually on tonight - GO AC MILAN!!!!

Not much else to report from me, Chris has next week off work so hopefully we will be able to get away and do some site-seeing, maybe head down to Brighton for a couple of days. Also, might have a few people come to Leeds for my birthday next weekend which will be great. Other than that, I am just enjoying being a lady of leisure.... still! :) Did I mention I love Chelsea?

Happy Mothers Day

My last 'duty' in Melbourne before getting on the plane was Mothers Day, a couple of Sunday's ago. As much as I played it up as a chore, I really loved being able to spend my last day in Melbourne with my mum and had a great day. In the morning we particpated in the Mothers Day Classic and in the evening we went out for dinner as a whole family... I believe it was the first time we had done that in about twenty years!!!

Farewell Melbourne

Two weekends ago now, I bid farewell to my lovely Melbourne pals at Felix bar. It was actually Kim's birthday party but I used it as my farewell to make me feel like I had more friends than I actually do! Thank so much to everyone who came, I know leaving the country for attention is getting a little bit old but I appreciate you all humouring me again. I had a really lovely night and it was especially good to see Fran again, Caz, who came all the way from Mt Eliza (thanks so much Caz xxx) and Mairz who came down from Sydney. Oh, and Kate, great to see you again!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fun and Games in Sydney

Took a break from Melbourne last week to head up to Sydney to catch up Mary and the rest of the newly formed Sydney-crew. Had such an awesome time. Was great to stay with Mary, Woody and ALN, catch up with some ex-'Doharians' - Rutts, Lina and Chill, and very good to see my old accreditation guru Elia! Big Dog and Jo were visiting Sydney at the same time as me so we had quite a group to hit the town with.

The best day was Sunday when we headed down to Bondi for a session at the Iceburgs club, right on the beach overlooking the gorgeous water. Not sure if it gets any better!

It is now only 12 days now till I head to Leeds, getting very excited!!!