Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Qatar... Halas (and may I never hear that word again)

And so ends my Qatar experience.

There has been a lot about Qatar that I haven't liked and a lot that I absolutely hated... but I can't deny that it was an experience and an opportunity to meet and work with some very very lovely people.

The last couple of weeks before I left were a bit of a blur with goodbyes and sorting out all those things you need to do when you are leaving a country. In typical Jessica-style I left all the important things like closing bank accounts, returning my car, packing and cleaning my house till the last day but managed to get it all done without too many problems.

I think my biggest achievement is not having a car accident the entire time I have been in Qatar. I did sort of back into a step one day leaving a little dent, but I was able to bribe the car company out of making me pay with some strategically placed Games merchandise throughout the car.

Now I am in London for two weeks before heading up to Leeds and the Lake District and then Prague. From Prague, I start the trans-siberian which I am bursting with excitement about. Number one task in London is to buy warm enough clothes so that I don't complain too much how cold I am in Mongolia where it will be -30C :( Number two task is to try and not get robbed this time!

Some photos below of my last few days in Qatar....