Saturday, November 24, 2007

International Woman of Sport

So its been about 7 weeks since Chris left and its 3 weeks till I go to England to see him again. That is how I judge time these days!

Things in Canada are going really well. Some old colleagues from Melbourne and Doha have started with VANOC - Nick, Elia and Disco so have had a lot of fun helping them set up home and explore Vancouver. Also, my friend from home - Alex - came to stay with me for a few weeks before heading up to do a Whistler season.

With the Whistler season starting it has obviously meant that it has gotten REALLY cold down here in Vancouver. I think I am getting better and better at dressing for the cold, something I was struggling with for awhile, but really finding being cold all the time tough! It hasn't rained as much as I thought it would though... touch wood.

Attempted ice skating a couple of weeks ago with some colleagues and my director, Toru's, family. Was really good fun as I had never done it before. Elia was hilarious, he was trying it for the first time as well and was given a helmet by concerned staff working there.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, went and saw Beckham and LA Galaxy play against Vancouver Whitecaps. It was on of the worst games I have seen in my life and I can confirm that LA Galaxy are the antichrist of good football. Inspired though, last night was my last game in the VANOC football competition. We went out on a high winning 7-1 but unfortunately haven't made the finals. I couldn't get to grips with how much I played like a girl! Next sport for me is curling, am having lessons starting early next year and can't wait!


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