Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chris is Here!

Have had this week off to spend with Chris who arrived for his four week holiday a couple of weeks ago. I finished up working at Rogers on Friday and FINALLY start with VANOC this coming Monday. Really excited about starting work with the Olympics but certainly not counting down the days as loving being able to spend time with Chris. Still no good news on the visa front for him, was hoping we would know something before he left but its looking doubtful.

Trying to show Chris as much of Vancouver as possible. A couple of days after he arrived took him up the Grouse Grind, a huge mountain that you quite literally climb your way up. The reward at the top was some bears (!)... behind barbed wire... Also headed up to Whistler and been on some walks around English Bay, Stanley Park, Kitsilano and Granville Island.

In return for being such a fantastic tour guide I have dragged Chris around more homewares shops than you could poke a stick at, including a good 3 hour stint in IKEA. Our apartment is feeling really homely now but looking forward to moving into a bigger apartment on 1 November... HUGE fingers crossed Chris will be back in time for that!!


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