Friday, August 17, 2007

Vancouver Update

Still alive and enjoying being in Vancouver. Above are some photos from a few nights out on town since I arrived. Went to the Steve Nash charity basketball game a few weeks ago... great fun! Last Friday headed to Stanley Park to see a live performance of Grease :-)
Found Chris and I a place to live, move in on September 1... just need a Chris now... no good news yet on his visa application but hopefully he will becoming for a visit soon. Working for the big telecommunications company Rogers doing recruitment for their Call Centre. Its working with one of Alex's friend which is great... another way Alex is looking after me!
6 weeks till I start with VANOC... really looking forward to it but getting to meet a lot of the people that work there already. Started doing my HR course a few weeks ago, the first assignment is due next Friday so making myself housebound for the next week to try and get it finished. Not feeling all that confident at this stage!


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