Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas in Leeds

After what seemed like the longest countdown in the history of countdowns (but was probably only about 12 weeks), I finally got to spend Christmas and New Years with Chris in Leeds.
Flew in on the 15 December and straight away headed out to meet up with Andy Lake and Valky which was loads of fun. The Thursday before Christmas, Chris suprised me by taking me to the Leeds Town Hall to see the Leeds philharmonic orchestra and choir perform their annual Christmas Carol Concert. Loved it! Also that night, finally got to have sume mulled wine at the German Markets that Chris always talks about.
Christmas Day, Chris' mum put on a 4 course feast for 11 people which was AMAZING! Ate my body weight in turkey and then tacked the christmas pudding. I love christmas pudding so much, it is the best food in the entire world.
For Christmas, my mum had organised for Chris and I a hire car for three days. We ended up having it for 5 days because of a mix up with returning it that was there fault so we made full use of it.
Went first to Liverpool which was great, explored Albert Dock and saw the Turner Prize exhibit at the Tate Liverpool. Then did some post-Christmas sales shopping in the city centre and ended up drinking till the early hours at the Cavern Club.
The next day, we went to Chester which was one of the best English cities I have been too. Did some more shopping there and then headed onto Wales. Loved being in Wales, the weather was pretty bad but that just added to the naff-ness of the whole thing. Went to some old holiday parks on the coast that Chris went to when he was little for a laugh.

Drove the car up to Manchester New Years Eve. Stayed in a hotel by the airport as I was flying out New Years Day. Fran came to see us and took us to meet her family and out for a good curry dinner. Got to meet their family's new puppy, Charlie.... sooooo cute!!!

So that was my holiday. Had an absolute ball but it went WAY to quickly. Exciting news is that Chris is finally coming here for good on 16 Jan. He booked his flight the day before I left. Cannot believe that he is finally coming!! Only 12 more sleeps!!! I am so excited as it will mean that I can really settle here in Vancouver and make it my home for the next couple of years.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Its Nearly Christmas!!!

Finally FINALLY it is getting close to Christmas and the end of the year. I am really looking forward to 2008 as hopefully it will be a little more stable (I have lived on 4 different continents this year) and I will actually be able to live in the same country as Chris for the majority of it!
Friday night was the VANOC Christmas party which was loads and loads of fun. Now I have four (if you don't include the rest of today) more days of work to go till I am off to Leeds for Christmas. The last ten weeks or so have been tough but I am nearly there!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Venue Tours

Part of my role at the moment with the Olympics is to attend all the first round of venue tours. This has its ups and downs... ups are visiting indoor hockey/ice skating venues and seeing athletes practicing, downs are trekking across construction sites in heels, ups are being able to walk the luge/bobsleigh/skeleton tracks before the ice goes down, downs are being caught in blizzards on the top of mountain venues.
In the above photos that just look like snow, you might just be able to make out the half pipe for the snowboard event on the right and the ski jumping and mogal course for the freestyle skiing events on the left.
And, for something a little different... the Games mascot's were launched today, they are HILARIOUS!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

International Woman of Sport

So its been about 7 weeks since Chris left and its 3 weeks till I go to England to see him again. That is how I judge time these days!

Things in Canada are going really well. Some old colleagues from Melbourne and Doha have started with VANOC - Nick, Elia and Disco so have had a lot of fun helping them set up home and explore Vancouver. Also, my friend from home - Alex - came to stay with me for a few weeks before heading up to do a Whistler season.

With the Whistler season starting it has obviously meant that it has gotten REALLY cold down here in Vancouver. I think I am getting better and better at dressing for the cold, something I was struggling with for awhile, but really finding being cold all the time tough! It hasn't rained as much as I thought it would though... touch wood.

Attempted ice skating a couple of weeks ago with some colleagues and my director, Toru's, family. Was really good fun as I had never done it before. Elia was hilarious, he was trying it for the first time as well and was given a helmet by concerned staff working there.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, went and saw Beckham and LA Galaxy play against Vancouver Whitecaps. It was on of the worst games I have seen in my life and I can confirm that LA Galaxy are the antichrist of good football. Inspired though, last night was my last game in the VANOC football competition. We went out on a high winning 7-1 but unfortunately haven't made the finals. I couldn't get to grips with how much I played like a girl! Next sport for me is curling, am having lessons starting early next year and can't wait!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chris is Here!

Have had this week off to spend with Chris who arrived for his four week holiday a couple of weeks ago. I finished up working at Rogers on Friday and FINALLY start with VANOC this coming Monday. Really excited about starting work with the Olympics but certainly not counting down the days as loving being able to spend time with Chris. Still no good news on the visa front for him, was hoping we would know something before he left but its looking doubtful.

Trying to show Chris as much of Vancouver as possible. A couple of days after he arrived took him up the Grouse Grind, a huge mountain that you quite literally climb your way up. The reward at the top was some bears (!)... behind barbed wire... Also headed up to Whistler and been on some walks around English Bay, Stanley Park, Kitsilano and Granville Island.

In return for being such a fantastic tour guide I have dragged Chris around more homewares shops than you could poke a stick at, including a good 3 hour stint in IKEA. Our apartment is feeling really homely now but looking forward to moving into a bigger apartment on 1 November... HUGE fingers crossed Chris will be back in time for that!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip to Whistler

A couple of weeks ago, Fran's cousin Nicky brought a Mercedes Kompressor (I think that is right!) so we had to go on a road trip!!!
Decided to head to Whistler and had a ball. Cannot believe that I live now so close to such an awesome place... looking forward to going back in winter!

Vancouver Update

Still alive and enjoying being in Vancouver. Above are some photos from a few nights out on town since I arrived. Went to the Steve Nash charity basketball game a few weeks ago... great fun! Last Friday headed to Stanley Park to see a live performance of Grease :-)
Found Chris and I a place to live, move in on September 1... just need a Chris now... no good news yet on his visa application but hopefully he will becoming for a visit soon. Working for the big telecommunications company Rogers doing recruitment for their Call Centre. Its working with one of Alex's friend which is great... another way Alex is looking after me!
6 weeks till I start with VANOC... really looking forward to it but getting to meet a lot of the people that work there already. Started doing my HR course a few weeks ago, the first assignment is due next Friday so making myself housebound for the next week to try and get it finished. Not feeling all that confident at this stage!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello Vancouver!

I have been in Vancouver now for ten days. I think the city is amazing, very similar to Melbourne and loads going on. Have started now looking for an apartment and some bar work. Don't start work with the Winter Olympics till the 1 October so plenty of time to get myself settled. Staying with my good friend Alex who is looking after me till Chris arrives, hopefully in only a few more weeks.