Sunday, July 16, 2006

Golfing Anyone?

Started my golf lessons on Thursday. The Doha Golf Club is really really lovely, just about the only greenery in all of Qatar. My instructor, Dave from England, was really great and didn't seem to care that we spent most of the time taking photos. It was a beginners lesson so thankfully, I don't think he was expecting much from me. When I hit it good it made a lovely noise which became very addictive. When I hit it wrong, I jarred my wrist and gave myself a blister on my thumb, which became fairly frustrating very quickly. The best part was definately driving the golf buggy. There are 3 bars spread out amongst the 9-hole course that you can drive your buggy up to and grab a drink while you play. How fancy is that!

I have lessons every Thursday for the next 6 weeks, then I think I will be ready to go with the guys. That is if they let me go, I have been told that due to the way I dress on the golf course I am too embarrassing.... yes, those are Commonwealth Games volunteer pants. I wrote the policy on how the uniform was to be a legacy so the least I can do is my bit!

And yes, I did end up hitting this ball..... very far too!


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