Thursday, July 06, 2006

Qatari Curry

Cocky in the knowledge that we think we can now cook, Mary and I decided, for our weekly rotational dinner, to serve the boys the most complicated lamb curry known to man last night.

The first time I read the recipe I was more than a little confused, but Mary assured me she had it downpacked. However, reading it again at the start of the week, we decided it was best to have a practice run before the main event. The idiots that we are, we ended up inviting more people over for the practice.

We gave it a couple of days and when no one died, we decided we were ready for the boys. The only improvement was to add some chilli. Went to our local supermarket where they have fresh spices for very very cheap! Four hours later, our second lamb curry was ready.

Explanation of the visors: Mary and I start our golf lessons on Thursday so we went shopping for outfits :) I also spent four hours the other night for gym clothes to wear to the gym I have joined. I have all the important things sussed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica (now you know it is Mum cos I didnt call you Jess!)The curry sounds good, looking forward to you cooking for me at home - a new experience! I enjoyed the links to hte other blogs - they are good too esp Mary's but yours is the best - of course! Love ya'.

1:39 PM  

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