Sunday, July 30, 2006

Technology Facelift

My website has undergone some minor changes. Of course, completely instigated by myself, Cath had nothing to do with it.

Had a mixed week last week, really wishing I was at home for some of it. Work is going well, a lot of people are on holidays at the moment as we are approaching the holiday cut off point of 20 August. I am not taking any holidays as I want the cash! :) Also, I just had a holiday and most days here feel like I am on holiday! I am planning on just taking a few local weekend trips.

This weekend I am heading to Dubai to meet Michael with Mairz, Andy, Nath, Dunlop and Murray. We are staying 5 star right on the beach and somehow going to try and fit jet skiing, snowboarding, go-karting, brunch at the 'Burge' and a trip to the water-park into the two and a half days we are there. I think we may have to save a couple of things for the next time we go.

Had a quieter weekend just gone. Braved the ever-increasing heat on Thursday night for a couple of drinks on the roof. Slept through most of Friday and then headed over to Alex and Russ' villa Friday night. Watched the Bledisloe Cup on Saturday at the Doha Rugby Club and then finished the weekend at the gym.

Starting to struggle a little with the heat at the moment as the air conditioning in my bedroom and car have both broken. Thankfully I can rely on the freezer-box that is my office to cool me down each day. The humidity has definitely increased and it is 40 - 45C each day... just starting to test my tolerance levels. August is the hottest month of the year and it is supposed to get at least 5C hotter.

Below are a couple of neighbour hood shots, sometimes I feel like I am on the set of Life of Brian:


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