Sunday, March 18, 2007

Фоываоды Йкмшры Рщццымилз

Greeting me in St Petersburg was an abundance of snow and -20C daytime temperature. After I managed to come to terms with the amount of clothes I was required to wear in order to survive being outdoors, I found St Petersburg to be a beautiful city complete with frozen canals, pretty parks and awesome Western European style buildings, canals and palaces (including the Hermitage).

St Petersburg was really nothing like I expected. It was very very ornate and appeared quite capitalist. While not many signs were translated from cyrillic to English and very few people spoke English, it was pretty well set up for tourists.

My biggest memory of St Petersburg will be the ice on the footpaths. I very quickly discovered that when coming across ice on pavements, the correct way to behave was not to screech, 'Look Chris! Ice on the pavement!' and start running towards it.


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