Monday, October 16, 2006

Lorne Long Weekend

It has been so long since I last updated my website that I can't really remember how to do it but here goes.

Work is getting very busy now with the UAC being open. Nowhere near the intensity of this time out from the Melbourne Games but still everyday there are new headaches and issues to be solved.

Making it a regular appointment to have a fifteen minute argument with the Qatari Venue Commander each day when I arrive to work. At other venues, the Venue Commander has been known to arrest people so I don't think I can be far off now from that happening but he is the most frustrating person known to mankind.

Apart from that, I am being pleasantly suprised by the enthusiasm of our volunteers and the fact that they are all actually attending their appointments despite being sent a 240 character SMS only 2 days before they are due to arrive. This, compared to the N2RG Volunteer Portal and 30 person Call Centre that was set up in Melbourne 4 months out from the Games.

Enough about work, I am still finding time to have a small life over here despite the one day weekends. A couple of 'weekends' ago a group of us hired out some villas at Qatar's sole beach resort, the Sealine. It was so exciting leaving work that day, jumping in the car with the eskys and driving down to the beach. Really felt like we were heading down to Lorne for a long weekend.

Was a really great night, there was about 10 of us all up. Pulled a cork out of a bottle using a fork and proceeded to entertain myself by posing with it for most of the night. Then decided to take on Russ in a wrestling match and definitely came off second best.

The next day we went for a swim in the resort pool before taking our party back to the roof of our apartment building. It was from there that Fun Joy and Toofy was born. Loved it Matt and Sam!!! xxx


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