Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How To Amuse Yourself In Doha

I have been de-toxing nearly two weeks now. It has actually made me ridiculously tired but I feel so much better for it. Going to keep it up till Bahrain. I had a great weekend the weekend before I started though:

On the Thursday night, the touring DJ's returned to Doha, where they play in this massive tent out the front of the Diplomatic Hotel. It is really great as you can very easily forget where you are.

The Friday I headed to the Golf Club with the guys to basically be their beer wench and drive the Buggy round the course stopping to get them beers at the Drive-Thru Bars on the course. Last week, I actually played instead and it appears I have quite the anger management problem on the golf course and know a lot more words than I thought I did.

After driving the Buggy though, Friday night we returned to Garveys, home of the World Cup viewing, for what turned into a massive night. Nearly everyone threw up, Adrian on Kate's foot, and/or passed out at the venue. I think I came off probably the best, I found Nath passed out in some gravel and Kate under a table by the pool so decided I should probably go home before I joined them.

Saturday was, of course, the start of Chelsea's premiership campaign. Found out that Ramada is going to show every Premiership match so went down there to watch it. We played Man City and won convincingly 3-0. First goal of the season.... England's new captain in the eleventh minute followed by Lampard and Drogba.


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