Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big Orange Boat

As I had not a lot else to do whilst waiting for news about my job in the sandpit, I decided to splash out and go on a cruise through the South of France and the Italian Riviera. I managed to convince Karl to come with me and then got him out of the pub just in time to catch our flight to Nice to start our cruise. The cruise went from Monoca to Genoa to Portofino to San Remo and then back to Nice.


Portofino, portofino, portofino
Getting a tan (over the top of my fake tan)
Walking the Monoco Grand Prix track


Paying $AUS20 for a bottle of beer in Portofino
San Remo "beach"
Our bright orange ship with bright orange rooms, including a bright orange shower - That's EasyCruise!


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